SleepEE Sleep Tracker

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SleepEE Sleep Tracker

SleepEE Sleep Tracker

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Stay In Control! 

Enhance your sleep journey with the SleepEE Sleep Tracker, syncing perfectly with your Tranquilia mattress. Monitor sleep quality, receive personalized analysis, and optimize your sleep habits for ultimate well-being. 

  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Simple to Setup
  • 30-Day Battery Life
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So Simple to Setup

Setting up your SleepEE Sleep Tracker is a breeze, designed with simplicity in mind. Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • • Unbox your SleepEE: Open the box and discover your SleepEE Sleep Tracker, your ticket to insightful sleep monitoring.
  • • Unravel the Sensor Belt: Carefully unfold the sensor belt and place it flat between your mattress and fitted bedsheet. Ensure it stays securely in place throughout the night.
  • • Pair with Your Phone: Download the SleepEE App on your smartphone, available for both iOS and Android. Follow the intuitive instructions to pair your SleepEE device with your phone effortlessly.
  • • Embrace Restful Nights: With the setup complete, your SleepEE Sleep Tracker will seamlessly collect and analyze your sleep data, empowering you to unlock a world of personalized sleep insights.

Enjoy the convenience of easy setup and embark on a transformative sleep journey with the SleepEE Sleep Tracker. Rest assured, your peaceful nights await